Friday, November 6, 2009

moss garden

I've been admiring the mosses I see around the yard as I do the fall cleanup. I collected a couple of them and put them in a small planter. I added a couple pieces of old brick, since I noticed that some bricks that were lying around were covered with moss. I have no idea if this will live inside over the winter. I'll give it a try, and if it doesn't work, I'll see what happens if I leave it outside.

The pot is made of orangestone clay with a strontium based turquoise glaze. ART's orangestone clay does odd things to glazes. And in this case, it was at the upper edge of its firing range and slumped a bit, so that the circle became a rounded triangle. I like it that way, and it fits the moss perfectly.

Seedlings november

Here's the seedling tray in November. I'm continuing to see good growth and more plants with a second growth. One plant shows signs of speckles on the leaves, which I suspect means that its flowers will be more likely to be spotted. It's the top leaf below and only two of the speckles are large enough to show up on the picture. They are speckles, not disease spots.

One plant appears to have a very very tiny sheath. Another looks like it has a new growth coming out of the center of the first growth. I tried to get pictures of these, but they're too tiny for my camera to capture. Maybe next month.