Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Two lace vases

I've also been experimenting with lace texture on some free form vases. I've one with a white glaze and one with a black glaze, both partially wiped off to show the texture. Here they are:

I like the feet and the non-flat bottom better on the white vase, but I somehow think there's something wrong with the tops of the vases--they look unfinished. Here's the black vase with my hand over the top so I can try to imagine a better way to finish it.

I think I need some kind of band on the top that is non-textured and solid black or white. Then I'd bring the feet out slightly and make the sides of them glazed solid too. The next question is should this top piece attach to the outside of the vase body or to the inside of it?

Another problem is the seam. When the glaze is wiped off this way, it accentuates the seam. I can try an inny seam rather than an overlapping one, and/or I can try to make the seam curved or at least slanted.

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